Sailing Yacht WIKTORIA - Delphia 40.3

Our sailing yacht is Delphia 40.3 manufactured in Olecko – Poland.

Below few details from the Delphia Yachts shipyard:

The Delphia 40.3 is a classic True Yacht. With excellent nautical properties and unquestionable seaworthiness, the Delphia 40.3 is designed for the most demanding and challenging of waters.

Constructed using YSI (Yacht Structural Integrity) and LIM (Laminate Infusion Method) technologies with utmost attention to structural integrity and safety, the Delphia 40.3 was the vessel of choice for the 2011 and 2012 non-stop solo circumnavigation voyages by Polish captain, Tomasz Cichocki.

The Delphia 40.3 is a prime example of an integrated structure featuring stay adjusters incorporated within the hull making the vessel capable of meeting any challenge that ocean sailing may present.

Perfectly balanced and ergonomic, the Delphia 40.3 is highly functional with its spacious cockpit and bathing platform.

Classic and roomy saloon offers a big table for all the crew. Solid craftmenship and extraordinary ergonomic solutions make the Delphia 40.3 an excellent choice for the people who cares about practical aspect of the vessel.

Our Wiktoria has retractable keel what, with the min. draft of 0.98 m (max. 1.95 m), makes her perfect for shallow waters, beaching, and of course exploring the Wadden sea.


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SY Wiktoria was ready for the Boot Dusseldorf 2017 where we could see her for the fist time.

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Sailing Yacht Delphia 40 Wiktoria

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