Pilot Sail Explorer 12

designed by the renowned designer W. Nieland

Pilot Sail Explorer 12 Wiktoria #2
While getting our Wiktoria ready for a long trip we are going to have next year, we came across an interesting sailing yacht.

First, we wanted to stay focus on work we had still to do on Wiktoria, however, the idea of pilothouse sailing yacht kept coming back.

We sail the entire year – including winter season, so imagine sitting comfortably inside a warm cabin and still having splendid view around while sailing …

We decided to have a look – no commitments – just look and feel… sure….

The look was good, and the feel was amazing.

After the second visit, and closer look, we still were impressed.

Yes, it was unknown… we sailed Delphia boats for a long time, we have bought a new ship few years ago, with the modern navigation equipment. We added few things to make sailing even more comfortable.

Still, the idea of the pilothouse, or at least a hardtop, was somewhere on our to-do list.

We went through all kinds of roller-coasters – emotional, financial, you name it.