Wrapping Wiktoria in the new generation of the antifouling – Finsulate.

Sailing mainly on the Wadden Sea – the UNESCO World Heritage, means we feel responsible for the nature.

Thus we have been looking for environmental friendly antifouling. We came across a wrap – Finsulate, and we decided to try it.

It took one day to cover the underwater hull with Finsulate. Wiktoria was in the water the next day.

It will be interesting to see how Wiktoria sail with Finsulate.


100% evironmental friendly

Finsultate is the only truly environmental friendly antifouling in the world! Finsulate doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. Finsulate consists of a nylon fiber, polyester film and a two-component water based adhesive.

Antifouling Reinvented

Today, conventional antifoulings are trying to prevent marine growth by use of toxic ingredients in the paint. Always with the same effect: short period of performance and the vessel needs a certain speed and continuous movement.
Finsulate shows there is a simpler and safer solution, leaving paints behind!
Finsulate products are suitable for all circumstances worldwide, whether you are moored or sailing. That’s what we call: Antifouling Reinvented! Finsulate is a self-adhesive film and not a paint. The film or “wrap” is applied to the hull of the vessel.


Experience The Wadden Sea Yourself

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